Iot, an abbreviation for ‘Internet of Things’ and a fascinating ubiquitous digital phenomenon is rapidly affecting all things in the world of industries and businesses. The manufacturing sector assuredly has tremendous gains to garner if it welcomes IoT with open arms. Already, by bestowing rich, actionable data to sensor-fitted machines, IoT is unfurling remarkable progress on factory floors.

The Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), a reliable metric used as a baseline and benchmark to measure equipment efficiency has reportedly made significant progress with of IoT application. As per ARC Advisory’s Industrial IoT / Industry 4.0 Viewpoints OEE has showed an improvement of 24 percent – pretty impressive results for initial trials.


 IoT bestows multifarious benefits to OEE, thus impacting it positively and helping it grow on upward curves..

Enhanced machine understanding for a better OEE

Modern-day machinery when digitally adjusted with the IoT ecosystem acquires fruitful dimensions to perform better. IoT enhances our detailed understanding of equipment primarily by way instrumentation and analytics, in turn, increasing OEE scores.

You might also like note that when a firm combines IoT applications along with machine learning via Artificial Intelligence (AI), it opens doors to a much bigger array of possibilities. The chief service offered by IoT analytics (sensor analytics) on OEE is the

measurement of time taken by machinery in manufacturing products.

IoT Connecting with devices

IoT Connecting devices

Significant contributions for improved production line

Significant improvements via IoT data feed can also improve OEE by helping it focus on the production lines. Amid concerns over machines, issues related to shifts and change-overs during production run tend to get neglected. A plentiful of benefits could be derived by use of sensors to time-stamp and outline timelines of pertinent events, including ones stemming out of faults in machines. The data when treated and analyzed by learning machines will reveal reasons for time loss.


Indeed, IoT works wonders on OEE. So brace up your machines to let IoT splatter it bountiful of benefits. Dave Reiber, formerly of General Motors favouring IoT rightly states, “It’s inevitable. Embrace it.”


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